5-Year-Old’s Spirit Filled Prayer Stirs Congregation

You’re never too young to pray! Jesus tells us to come to him with childlike faith. We should all have faith like little Isaiah Jackson! 

Perhaps Isaiah has seen powerful prayer in action. What do you think??

What a great reminder to pray out loud in front of the children – with passion and conviction. And, it is a great reminder to let the children pray out loud in front of us. What a blessing!

Prayer is an important discipline for people who love Jesus. After all, Jesus prayed, and don’t we want to follow his example? In Mark 1:35, we see that Jesus went out, while it was still dark, and he went to a solitary place to pray. The day before, he had healed many people. While he was alone praying, his disciples came to find him, saying, “Everyone is looking for you!” There were a lot of demands on Jesus. He was healing people, teaching, casting out demons and more. Fellowship with his Father helped him to meet all these demands.


So it is with us. If we are to meet the demands of our lives, it is helpful to have the strength, centeredness and encouragement that come from prayer. And – prayer works! God makes a promise to us in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” We know that the answers to prayer we receive aren’t always the ones we want, but God is good, and he knows what is best for us. We are well-served when we ultimately pray like Jesus prayed – not my will but thine be done (Luke 22:42).

What a gift we can give our children when we teach them to pray while they are young – just like little Isaiah in this video! How can you help the children in your life learn to pray like this?

Dr. Tabor shares three ways to cultivate a prayer life for your children.

Pray simply. Children love learning songs and simple rhymes. Many of us can still recite some of the prayers we learned as children. Do you remember prayers that begin with the following words: “Now I lay me down to sleep …” or “God is great, God is good …”? Praying simply with easy-to-remember rhymes helps teach children to talk to God and imparts biblical truths to them in an age-relevant manner.

Make prayer a part of your routines. Regular patterns of prayer help solidify the habit of prayer. Praying at meal times, before school and at bed time, for example, helps children become comfortable with making prayer an integral part of their day.

Pray spontaneously when a need arises. We see needs all around us. We see a crisis on the news. We receive a request from a friend who is ill. Why not respond by inviting your child to pray with you for that need? First of all, the Bible says that wherever two or more are gathered, God is there. We know that God is everywhere, but there is special encouragement that comes from praying out loud with others. Your child will learn that the best way to react in the face of need is first by praying!

In this video, the goal was to pray over the children in the church. Just watch Isaiah step up to this charge!

We decree and declare that Isaiah has been granted a great gift from God! This prayer coming from a 5-year-old is unbelievable and unforgettable! And, it shows what can happen when children are encouraged to pray.

Share this video if you believe in the power of prayer!

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