4 Heroic Kids and the Lives They Saved

It’s not just firefighters and policemen, soldiers and doctors, who save lives. Though these dedicated and valiant men and women serve everyday, it is what happens in the home that is often missed. Most parents will tell you that it is their job to protect their children, but sometimes that’s not possible. These four stories have help coming from the most unexpected places: the children themselves.

9-Year-Old Saves Sister from Drowning

Tristan Saghin had never taken a first aid class. But he had watched plenty of movies. When two-year-old Brooke was found floating in their grandparents’ swimming pool, the family wasn’t sure if she would make it. But Tristan remained calm and began practicing the maneuver he had seen in so many war movies. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene, Tristan had revived his younger sister, and a recovery was sure.

To see Tristan and his family talk about the incident, check out this video.

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