17 Crazy Simple Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Save Money

Your refrigerator holds the foods and drinks you consume on a daily basis, so it is vital you keep it clean and organized. By following these tips by Jenny Brown,  you can reduce your risk of food-borne illness and save money on your grocery budget.

1.Make a chalkboard fridge

You can write down the menu for the week so that everyone knows whats for dinner (and so you can be sure they won’t snack on salsa your saving for taco Tuesday)!

2. Use a dry erase board to track your food

Keep tabs on how much is left of each food so you know what to use and what you need to buy!

3. Create an “Eat Me First” basket

Make sure your food doesn’t parish by labeling a basket with “eat me first”! You can make sure the yogurt that expires tomorrow is eaten before the one that is good until next month and it will really help you to eat the fruits that usually get pushed to the back of your fridge before they go bad.

4. Dedicated snack zone

Now you don’t have to worry about everyone eating the ingredients for Thursday’s dinner! Also, you can help your loved ones save time searching though the fridge for a midnight snack.

5. Make DIY freezer shelfs

Use a magazine holder to organize your french fries and ice cream to avoid the dreaded “full freezer”!

6. Create fridge bins

Use plastic bins to organize food by type, expiration date, or even by the person who eats them!

7. Label everything in the fridge

Labels make everything easier! They can help you keep track of what is where and what you need to buy on your next trip to the store!

8. Reduce condiment clutter

Squeeze bottles are easy to use and are all the same size, making organization super clean and simple.

9. Make a “grab and go” basket

Fill a basket with foods that are easy to take on the go. For example, you can fill it with granola bars, pears, bananas and carrot sticks!

10. Binder clips to the rescue!

Use binder clips to clip bags to the freezer shelf to reduce spills and clutter!

11. Make some shelf mats

Shelf mats can make cleaning the fridge so much quicker and easier! Get some that are easy to pull up so yo can brush the excess food into the trash and wipe down the rest in your sink!

12. Make a Lazy Susan for your fridge!

Use a Lazy Susan to make everything reachable! It just takes a spin for you to grab a pudding in the back of the fridge without knocking everything else over!

13. DIY freezer bags

If you have an upright chest freezer, use canvas shopping bags to help organize your food and keep it all standing upright (no more yucky mess)!

14. Keep all your eggs in one basket (literally)

By ditching the egg cartons you can save room in your fridge and make grabbing eggs so much easier!

15. Keep track of when you opened everything

Labeling foods with “opened on” dates can help you know when food has to be thrown away.

16. Magnetic containers

Fill these containers with single-serve portions of nuts, seeds, and even cookies! Then just stick them to your fridge, no need to open the door!

17. Know where to put your food within the fridge

Each fridge is different, so take note of which areas of your fridge get colder and warmer. Make sure to figure out safe temperatures for each food and organize accordingly!

Dearly loved children,

  1. God calls us to do our best in everything, staying organized can help you be more efficient with the work God calls you to do.
  2. Staying healthy is very important, don’t let your carelessness make you sick!
  3. Being organized can help you save money, that money can be used to further the Gospel!

Share these easy tips if you want to show your family and friends how to live life more organized! Have more fridge organizing tips to share with us? Comment them below!

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