12 Fun and Simple Christmas Gifts that Kids can make!

What is Christmas without some exciting Christmas gifts and goodies? This year you don’t need to run around stores looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Try making some fun and easy Christmas crafts at home with your kids and spread the Christmas cheer all around!

 Pinecone Art

There are so many things that you can do with Pinecones. Make cute pinecone elves and dress them up with even cuter mittens and scarves. Or create cute little Christmas trees out of them!

Hand Print Painting

Hand-printing is one the most loved activities among kids. But did you know that you could actually makedecorations like ornaments with your handprints? Create Christmas reindeer out of your kids’ handprints and use them as a decoration or gifts!

Paper Snowflakes

Winter and Christmas go hand in hand (well, up north at least). And what symbolizes winter better than snowflakes!? You can now add color to your snowflakes by making them out of wrapping paper. It’s easy and it comes out so cool!

Peanut Snowman

How about making some cute peanut snowmen this Christmas? Check out these cute little white-painted peanut snowmen with their colorful scarves!

Popsicle stick art

Don’t be in a hurry to throw Popsicle sticks away! You can use them to create some dainty Christmas art-picture frames, wall hangings and much more!

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