11 Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Happier

Do you find yourself on auto-pilot, stuck in the same unsatisfying loop from day to day? Or maybe you are in a stressful season of life, whether it’s starting a new job, having a baby, moving, or balancing school and work and a social life. No matter where you’re at – be it waiting for the next big adventure in life, or riding out the wave – one thing is certain: we could all use a little more happiness throughout our day. Here are a few simple ways to squeeze the most happiness out of every moment!

11. Wake Up With Intentional Gratitude

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Mornings are hard, believe me, I know. So before your feet even touch the floor, before reality kicks in and the stress of the day starts chipping away at you, take a few minutes to be thankful. A recent study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that those who consciously focus on blessings receive multiple emotional and interpersonal benefits. But don’t let science dictate your decision – try it out for yourself! Start small, with three simple things you are grateful for. Maybe all you can muster when the alarm goes off is, “coffee, mug, creamer,” but I bet that will be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had!

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