1. NASCAR footage was used as inspiration for the chariot-race scene!

2. Many crewmembers had family members that worked on the original film. The stuntman who whipped Judah in the galley scene is the son of the man who whipped Charleton Heston’s Judah in the earlier adaptation.

3. To create as realistic look and feel as possible for the film, the Director found inspiration in modern social-media channels, YouTube and Instagram.

4. Jack Huston, who plays the character of Judah Ben-Hur, is a fourth-generation actor.

5. According to Morgan Freeman, who plays the Ben-Hur’s mentor, the movie set was a happy one, with the producers and directors laughing a lot!

6. Both Jack Huston and Toby Kebbell, who plays Antagonist Messala, are experienced horseman. Both underwent extensive chariot-racing training, which, according to Toby feels more dangerous than auto racing, in that there are no airbags or suspension.

7. The man chosen to play Jesus, Rodrigo Santoro, demonstrated a true inner peace, strength and regal presence that caused him to be cast in the role. He said that taking on the role of Jesus was the most challenging thing he had ever done.

8. Temperatures were very cold and snow had fallen the day before the filming climactic crucifixion scene, causing Jesus to shake, as he was exposed to the elements.

9. Ben-Hur was filmed in Rome.

10. The film is a closer adaptation of the original eight-part novel, “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.” Written by Lew Wallace in 1880, it was the USA’s bestseller for five decades until “Gone With the Wind,” by Margaret Mitchell was published!

11. For location shooting, Matera, Italy, was selected; it exuded authenticity because of its rich history that dates back to the third century.

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